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So! I have signed up at Patreon!

For those who don't know about Patreon it essentially allows people, namely artists, musicians and the like, to find people who would like to pledge money to help support their work, basically becoming their patrons. Everyone can set it up differently, with different levels of pledges, each having no incentives or perks, or many. Creators can ask to get pledges per creation, or per month, and patrons can even set caps on how much they're willing to spend per month, so they don't end up being broke helping others out.

At first I was super hesitant and weird feeling about, I don't know why, but after a lot of waffling I figured it wouldn't hurt. Even if only a few people sign up, it's still something. And something is something! (Aren't I deep?)

I did hit a wall of sorts when it came to incentives, so those might end up being modified at some point. It's also hard to know what i'll be able to manage, so i'm not offering a lot of monthly incentives at the moment. If anyone has any insights or suggestions on that i'd like to hear them! (Like say you might pledge 20$ a month if it included a vial of my tears. I'm not going to do that, you're weird for wanting it, i'm just saying let me know if you have any such suggestions!)

Doing it the way I am also means there are things that only patrons will see, or things that patrons will get first dibs at. I'll be doing behind the scenes posts, sneak peeks at upcoming shoots, putting images there before anywhere else, offering patron only giveaways and sales, first crack at one of a kind mixed media pieces as well as limited editions for sale, stuff like that. Sorry to those who can't take on being a patron, but i've got to give them something!

And while i've been super quiet this past year photo wise, i'm taking the summer off from school to focus solely on shoots, mixed media pieces and non-photo based side projects. So once i'm done with this semester in about 2 weeks i'm aiming to kick my productivity into over drive, meaning there will be a lot going up on patreon first.

And that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions, or again, suggestions!

The Beginners Guide to Selling Prints on Etsy


My blog posts are all grown up!

After lots of encouragement, emails, comments and finding that I kept having more and more to share, I sat down and created this. (When I should have been doing school work, preparing to move, and sleeping.) With The Beginners Guide to Selling Prints on Etsy i've taken the content from my posts, expanded on them by quite a lot, took better, and more appropriate, pictures, and made the content much more coherent and stream lined. And, yes, slapped a price tag on it, but the blog posts are still intact, and free, and a girls gotta eat!

While it'll be available here on the site soon, for now you can find it HERE on, of course, Etsy.

Now, off to that sleep stuff.

2014 Year In Review (Finally)

2014 was brutal, in multiple ways. Cancer and heart failure and sick animals and then my beloved dog Rowan, puppy love of my life, died. *I* was healthy, but when everyone around you is ill it doesn't feel like that matters.

Photo stuff wasn't easy either. Nothing was basically. But! I learned a lot, and pushed myself in new ways, and I can't even say i'm disappointed. (Like, I learned that shooting a kid that I wasn't related too isn't that bad! I might even do it again!)

Now it's 2015, because I kept putting this off, but so far it seems like things are improving. *knocks on all the wood* People are getting healthier, and i'm packing up my shit and getting the hell out of this swamp state. The mountains have been calling and i'm finally answering. WooHoo!

People seem to love the blog series I did on selling prints on Etsy, which is nice. Glad I didn't go on forever for no reason. (You can find the 1st part HERE>)

Anyways, the images:



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A Sampling

A Sampling.

Mixed-media piece consisting of two prints (one of my photos and a public domain skull image) on watercolor paper, the top one ripped to reveal the one underneath.


Where to find me

I won't go on with excuses to why I haven't posted too much (you've heard it all before!) but I did want to pop in to let you all know, in case you don't already, that while i'm not currently making any new images (not really) I have been selling off a lot of stuff to prepare for an out of state move (FINALLY)! 

Instagram for one, and first and foremost, though I post regular life stuff there too so if you don't want to see waffles and cats and non photo crafty business you can follow my twitter and/or tumblr too, since I weed out the personal pics for those places. But they do tend to see more of other non-photo related stuff. Can't seem to help myself. It's just more "man the world sucks" and less "here is the waffle I made." So, really, just follow instagram and deal with waffles ya big baby. There is also facebook, but lets face it, you probably won't see those post anyways.

And that's about it. Not spreading the love around too much these days. What's a flickr? I can't remember.

No one probably even noticed but I didn't even do a year in review this year. It is on my to-do list, but in the "I should probs do that before it's 2016" kind of way. Also, did I mention i'm moving out of state soon? Who knows when anything other than that and school stuff will get done. Not me!