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So! I have signed up at Patreon!

For those who don't know about Patreon it essentially allows people, namely artists, musicians and the like, to find people who would like to pledge money to help support their work, basically becoming their patrons. Everyone can set it up differently, with different levels of pledges, each having no incentives or perks, or many. Creators can ask to get pledges per creation, or per month, and patrons can even set caps on how much they're willing to spend per month, so they don't end up being broke helping others out.

At first I was super hesitant and weird feeling about, I don't know why, but after a lot of waffling I figured it wouldn't hurt. Even if only a few people sign up, it's still something. And something is something! (Aren't I deep?)

I did hit a wall of sorts when it came to incentives, so those might end up being modified at some point. It's also hard to know what i'll be able to manage, so i'm not offering a lot of monthly incentives at the moment. If anyone has any insights or suggestions on that i'd like to hear them! (Like say you might pledge 20$ a month if it included a vial of my tears. I'm not going to do that, you're weird for wanting it, i'm just saying let me know if you have any such suggestions!)

Doing it the way I am also means there are things that only patrons will see, or things that patrons will get first dibs at. I'll be doing behind the scenes posts, sneak peeks at upcoming shoots, putting images there before anywhere else, offering patron only giveaways and sales, first crack at one of a kind mixed media pieces as well as limited editions for sale, stuff like that. Sorry to those who can't take on being a patron, but i've got to give them something!

And while i've been super quiet this past year photo wise, i'm taking the summer off from school to focus solely on shoots, mixed media pieces and non-photo based side projects. So once i'm done with this semester in about 2 weeks i'm aiming to kick my productivity into over drive, meaning there will be a lot going up on patreon first.

And that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions, or again, suggestions!

Poster Print Giveaway

Poster Print Giveaway!

What you could win: A 16x20 or 16x24 matte finish poster print of any one of my images. (No frame/mat/mounting, just the print.) Size will depend either on your preference and/or the image you choose. (To be safe, try and have backups in case your first choice can't be printed that large. Or check to see if your first choice is in my Etsy Shop, because then you'll see if I offer it in either of these sizes.) Print will be archival, and signed on the back. It'll all be the exact same as what I sell in the shop.

How to enter to win: There are two places you can enter, on Tumblr and/or Facebook. Just share or reblog this post, unaltered, to enter. LIKES/HEARTS DON'T COUNT. I will keep track of the names/screen names of everyone who does this and choose a winner at random. (To find this post on my Facebook page in order to easily share it go HERE, and you'll find this post on tumblr HERE.)

Deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday, July 6th, 2014. (EST)
Open to anyone, anywhere.

If for whatever reason I don't hear from the winner within a week of that date i'll randomly pick another.

Fundamental Elements



Model: Luccia



ReGrowth. 05/17/14. (Model: Luccia)

Cheap "photo clothes", you just need a little imagination!

One of the hardest parts about shooting things the way I do is finding the "right" items to buy. Often i'm destructive, or at the very least unkind to the clothing and props I use, but at the same time I appreciate beautiful, vintage items. For me, those two things don't often mesh well. I don't want to destroy something old and amazing, yet know that it's likely to happen when shooting certain ideas. I typically try and find already messed up old items, but it's not always easy to do so.

Add on that i'm always on a tight budget and I really shouldn't be surprised that i've been known to look for the right dress or prop for a year or more. Or that I often feel like i'm losing my mind!

It's also pretty much a given that I spend more time looking for items than I do shooting. And in the process I end up coming across a lot of stuff that doesn't fit what I need, but may fit what others might need. In the past i've tried to do blog posts to share these items, but it's not something I often feel super motivated to do, and so it doesn't get done.

I don't know why it took so long to come to this solution, but I finally just created a pinterest board to quickly and easily post to when I find these things:


Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 6.31.57 PMClick to go to pinterest board!


I won't lie, some of it is decidedly ugly! But I always find it's good to have those sorts of items around. The less you like it the less you'll hesitate to destroy it. And like i've spoken about before, (I think I did in those videos I made forever ago?) try and think outside the box. You don't have to leave any of it as-is. You can remove ugly trim, cut off just the bits you like to use with something else, like the sleeves or the bottom to wear as a skirt instead. You can dye it, spray paint it, glue stuff to it, rip it apart and make something else. Or heck, change the color in post-editing.

And even the ugliest of dresses can look pretty decent from far away, or in the right light. Sometimes the lines of a dress, the length or fullness of a skirt, or even the sheen of the fabric is more important then the color or trim, which are usually changeable aspects. (Doing long exposures in the dark? Look for ugly dark pieces covered in sequins or rhinestones that'll catch the light but also disappear some in the dark, hiding the uglier parts.) Basically, you can focus on the aspects of the clothing that you need to have, and then work on figuring out how to disguise or remove the bits you don't. 

Anyways, so yes, I'll be adding items to the board whenever I come across them, and I hope it ends up being of use to some of you!