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So! I have signed up at Patreon!

For those who don't know about Patreon it essentially allows people, namely artists, musicians and the like, to find people who would like to pledge money to help support their work, basically becoming their patrons. Everyone can set it up differently, with different levels of pledges, each having no incentives or perks, or many. Creators can ask to get pledges per creation, or per month, and patrons can even set caps on how much they're willing to spend per month, so they don't end up being broke helping others out.

At first I was super hesitant and weird feeling about, I don't know why, but after a lot of waffling I figured it wouldn't hurt. Even if only a few people sign up, it's still something. And something is something! (Aren't I deep?)

I did hit a wall of sorts when it came to incentives, so those might end up being modified at some point. It's also hard to know what i'll be able to manage, so i'm not offering a lot of monthly incentives at the moment. If anyone has any insights or suggestions on that i'd like to hear them! (Like say you might pledge 20$ a month if it included a vial of my tears. I'm not going to do that, you're weird for wanting it, i'm just saying let me know if you have any such suggestions!)

Doing it the way I am also means there are things that only patrons will see, or things that patrons will get first dibs at. I'll be doing behind the scenes posts, sneak peeks at upcoming shoots, putting images there before anywhere else, offering patron only giveaways and sales, first crack at one of a kind mixed media pieces as well as limited editions for sale, stuff like that. Sorry to those who can't take on being a patron, but i've got to give them something!

And while i've been super quiet this past year photo wise, i'm taking the summer off from school to focus solely on shoots, mixed media pieces and non-photo based side projects. So once i'm done with this semester in about 2 weeks i'm aiming to kick my productivity into over drive, meaning there will be a lot going up on patreon first.

And that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions, or again, suggestions!

I think that i'm still here



090514. Self portrait.

There's been a lot going on lately, not all good, and sometimes I feel a bit lost in it. Yesterday, a few days after taking this, we though we might have to make the decision to put our beloved dog Rowan down, and while she's still with us it's kind of a matter of when at this point. On top of everything else, looking at this picture makes me cry now, but i'm still glad I took it when I did. I don't think self portraits will ever stop being a form of therapy for me.


As is typical of my blog posts here I could start apologizing for having gone so long between posts, and since i've already done it a million times before, let's just assume i've said it and move on, ok?

My summer vacation ended last week, and with it my ability to focus solely on photo projects. My plan was semi-successful, I definitely got MORE photo related stuff done, but of course things pop up and change the plan and so it wasn't quite all I hoped it would be. But, something is better than nothing, right? And i'm pretty happy with what I did do.

Thankfully this semester looks like it'll be possible for me to still have time for shoots here and there, unlike previous semesters, and so i've decided to slowly work on bigger photo ideas I have, 3 in particular. If anyone is curious about what I might be posting to my Patreon for patrons only to see now that i'm back in school, it's basically all about these shoots. I'll be covering the process from beginning to end, including where the ideas started from, thinking through decisions that need to be made, choosing what i'm going to buy, etc, as well as behind the scenes pictures as I work my way through getting the props ready and everything set up.

I'll try to catch the blog up to speed with all my images from this past summer soon.

Poster Print Giveaway

Poster Print Giveaway!

What you could win: A 16x20 or 16x24 matte finish poster print of any one of my images. (No frame/mat/mounting, just the print.) Size will depend either on your preference and/or the image you choose. (To be safe, try and have backups in case your first choice can't be printed that large. Or check to see if your first choice is in my Etsy Shop, because then you'll see if I offer it in either of these sizes.) Print will be archival, and signed on the back. It'll all be the exact same as what I sell in the shop.

How to enter to win: There are two places you can enter, on Tumblr and/or Facebook. Just share or reblog this post, unaltered, to enter. LIKES/HEARTS DON'T COUNT. I will keep track of the names/screen names of everyone who does this and choose a winner at random. (To find this post on my Facebook page in order to easily share it go HERE, and you'll find this post on tumblr HERE.)

Deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday, July 6th, 2014. (EST)
Open to anyone, anywhere.

If for whatever reason I don't hear from the winner within a week of that date i'll randomly pick another.

Fundamental Elements



Model: Luccia